Pocket Invoice

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Pocket Invoice is a complete field management solutions that can sync Job cards including time, products and send invoices on the go. Complete with digital signature capture. The admin console is cloud based so no set up required simply import your customers and products and start sending jobs to field staff.

What can Pocket Invoice do?

Pocket Invoice Field Manager was created to simplify distributing Jobs and Orders to field staff and tracking their progress. It also allows field staff to input their time product sales and status of the Job as well as invoicing the customer when complete. This all happens live and synced directly back to base showing instant updates.

The Pocket Invoice Field manager 3.0.3 admin console can do the following ..

*Create new customers
*Create new products
*Book Jobs and orders
*Assign a Job or Order to specific field staff
*Create a Maintence Schedule for a customer
*Process a batch of schedules into Jobs
*View Job analysis summary showing profit or loss
*Produce an Invoice or Quote via print or email

The Pocket Invoice Mobile application can do the following ...

*View all Jobs assigned to him/her
*Add time including rate and notes on service performed
*Add Product sales to the Job or Order
*Change the Job status
*Look up customer details
*Look up Product details and availablity
*Complete the Job or Order with digital signature
*Invoice the Job after completion via email
*Sync all jobs with back to base in real time